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  • Make Social Media

    Make Social Media work for you.
    Okay, you have your basic social networks in place, but are you actually using them? Figures show that over 42% of online businesses have acquired a customer via Twitter, through regular updates and social media engagement.

  • SEO Agency

    We can't make pigs fly but we can help your business to soar!!!
    "Search engine optimisation does not specialise in tasks that will make pigs soar high up in the sky. Its real task is to dig deeper into the genetics of a website and re-engineer the essential elements until it transforms into an eagle." Bruce Clay, SEO guru

  • Google only loves you

    Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first....
    Your website ranks for your desired keywords and phrases in Yahoo and Bing, but cannot be found in Google... Why doesn’t Google like my website?
    If you want to know why your website isn't loved get in touch with our SEO agency experts who can review and improve your website's performance.

  • Social Media Training Courses

    Social Media Training Courses
    Domaincheck SEO are currently offering businesses training and guidance to execute their own SEO and Social Media campaigns, offering up the expertise of key industry players in comprehensive and well-adjusted seminars and workshops.

Domaincheck SEO the SEO Agency

What is SEO?

Other wise known as Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the active practice of optimising a website in a way that will increase traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To optimise websites there are many unique elements that need to be reviewed in order to generate traffic and make your website search engine friendly.

What is SEO Continued...

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The Traffic Builder
Increase your website search engine listing and improve your website traffic with our tailored traffic building mini website.

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